Soccer Nights is a four-day camp for kids which brings communities together around the joy of soccer, promoting athletic skill, leadership development, and citywide unity across Raleigh.

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Soccer Nights is hosted by Open Door Church and held at Spring Forest Road Park. The camp is March 26-29 from 5:45-7:30pm. Soccer Nights is for any child currently in kindergarten thru 5th grade. The cost is $10 per camper with a $25 family max. We hope you come out and enjoy a time of skills training, leadership development, and citywide unity.


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Athletic Skill
​Players receive soccer instruction from a highly qualified volunteer coaching staff. Through skill work, team-building exercises, scrimmages, and games, Soccer Nights seeks to teach the technical skills of the game as well as to improve overall physical fitness and encourage a healthy lifestyle.




Picture 2Leadership Development
​Soccer Nights works to instill life skills and create opportunities for leadership development for its players and volunteers by integrating hard work, team building, goal-setting, and encouragement into the program.





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​Soccer Nights is designed to build relationships and bring together people from diverse backgrounds. Soccer Nights creates a welcoming, friendly environment that fosters diverse and meaningful relationships.

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DATES: March 26-29
TIMES: 5:45-7:30pm nightly
LOCATION: Spring Forest Road Park
WHO: Children Kindergarten thru 5th Grade


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​4203 Spring Forest Rd
Raleigh, NC 27616